Automated AI Quality Inspection Station alongside with a Collaborative Robot UR3E

Smart Vision Inspection Solution Alongside Collaborative Robot.

Automating visual inspection alongside a Collaborative Robot, helps manufacturers to improve reproducibility, productivity &  quality. The embedded solutions allows having control and visibility over the production in Realtime 24/7 on the edge on the machine without the need to transfer any data to the web.

The Robot arm alongside the A.I. Vision helps solving challenging applications within minutes instead of training a new operator several days or weeks. Deep learning-based image analysis helps absorbing natural variations & deviations of good products but handles easily variation of defects as well.

The robustness and consistency of Retina deep learning software is a powerful tool helping manufacturers to improve quicker the conformity of the product.

This intelligent and collaborative station enables manufacturers to automate their small series production with the most advanced visual inspections algorithms for catching challenging defects within minutes.

Our solution redefines quality inspections and help identifying defective products in real-time 24/7 with the same accuracy and flexibility of a human but without being influenced by fatigue and moods.

Our deep learning solution can inspect several parts per second precisely, reliably and constantly. Its robustness and consistency is a powerful tool helping operators to decide quicker the conformity of the product so that operators can concentrate on their main specific task with higher added-value.

With Retina deep learning software, there is no need to be a big data specialist, Deep learning expert or a Computer vision engineer to be capable of deploying quickly an A.I. vision inspection solution.

With the 4 flavors described below, no application will be challenge anymore. The software can be used in Standalone or can be added as a library/plugin (.NET dll, C/C++ dll) for most vision software, Visual Studio or OpenCV.

“3HLE” is not based on an annual software licensing, we are used to tailor & deliver entire solutions to our customers including hardware (industrial IPC & cameras) & software . We are vision engineers with many year experiences working on vision applications on a daily basis. And we are designing and writing software with real applications/constraint in our mind. In the same philosophy, we strive to deliver the simplest and the most intuitive solutions for vision engineers/developpers with a “minimum parameters and clicks” possible.

The complex and high speed visual quality inspections are based on embedded “Artificial Intelligence” deep learning server/solutions. Images are processed directly on the edge of the machines. Our solutions are deployed and processed in realtime on a local IPC with GPU on the machine or within the factory network. Manufacturers will be able to access production datas and images on the edge of their machines or through their internal network without a any internet connection.

“3HLE” is mainly offering Turn-Key solutions including Hardware, Integration of Software and Automation Processes dedicated to high speed automated Computer Vision Quality Control applications. For more Showcases, check out our Sucess Stories pages or check out our Products pages to learn more about our hardware and software solutions. We are working to build up more and more contents in those sections, please subscribe to our “3HLE” LinkedIn, FaceBook or Youtube chanels to get notified as soon as new contents will be available.

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