IVC-Dual GPus wide

Unique Design Dual GPUs Deep Learning Vision Controller

IVC7-Dual GPUs Description

This compact Industrial Grade Vision Controllers (i7/xeon 7th, 8th, 9th generation) designed for Deep Learning Surface Defect Detection are embedding 2x NVidia double deck graphic  cards (e.g. 2x TITAN RTX or 2x RTX3080 Ti). They are perfect candidates for complex and high speed visual Human-Like quality inspections. Low cost and compact, these Edge Computing units are commonly used to speed up the Artificial Intelligence Inspections in diverse productions industries and are able to inspect up to 8 paralel parts (8 parallel industrial GigE/USB3 cameras). This above standard performance Vision Controller can be used for traditional vision and deep learning inspections.

It possesses 3x PCIe connectors for Dual GPUs and 1 Framgrabber.

“3HLE” is mainly offering Turn-Key solutions including Hardware, Integration of Software and Automation Processes dedicated to high speed automated Computer Vision Quality Control applications. For more Showcases, check out our Sucess Stories pages or check out our Products pages to learn more about our hardware and software solutions. We are working to build up more and more contents in those sections, please subscribe to our “3HLE” LinkedIn, FaceBook or Youtube chanels to get notified as soon as new contents will be available.

If you are concerned of “Ecology and Environement” and would like to reduce production waste, we have the right solution for improving or retrofitting your production lines to increase throughput and Zero stop using cutting edge technologies. The complex and high speed visual quality inspections are solved using this “Artificial Intelligence” deep learning solutions.


Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning IVC-Dual GPUs / Edge AI Vision Controller


– 2x 250W GPU (e.g. RTX3080 Ti) PCIe x16 Double deck/slots.
– Framegrabber 4x POE LAN or 4x USB3 Vision. PCIe x16/x8/x4/x1.
– Intel i7 9th generation.
– Industrial grade wall mount (see dimensions in attachment).
– Intel i7-9700 series embedding 8cores, 16GB RAM, 240 SSD, support up to 3 independents displays.
– Windows 10 IoT Entreprise High End Optimised for Factory Automation and Machine Vision applications.
– 4x 2.5” HDD/SSD slots for additional storage.
– Dimensions: 370 x 243 x 209mm
– 8 Digital Inputs + 8 Digital Outputs.
– 4x GigE LAN.
– 4x Rs-232/422/485
– 4x USB3.0 compatible with USB3 Vision. 1x internal USB2 for license dongle.
– Include power supply: 24V/60A.

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Visual Aesthetic & Functional Inspections / Gauging / Localizing /Surface Inspection / Defect Detection / Artificial Intelligence Inspection / Decision Making Helper

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