XCG-CG Series Camera

SONY XCG-CP510 5MPix Polarized Camera for Industrial Machine Vision


The new SONY Polarized camera XCG-CP510 is innovative camera incoporating the newly developed 5.1 MP global shutter pixel-level polarization CMOS sensor. Capture a polarized image with one shot.

Each individual pixel has one of four different linear polarization filters which enables four different
polarization images to be captured simultaneously.

Each calculation unit composed of four-pixel block supports calculation of “Polarization directions” and “Degree of Polarization (DoP)” based on luminance value on each pixel.

Sensor: Sony IMX250MZR 5.1MP (Polarsens sensor) 23fps
Format: Compact cubic size
Protocol: GigE Vision 2.0/1.2, GigE PoE
Standard: IEEE1588 compliant
Features: Area Gain, Advanced Image Processing, Defect Pixel Correction, Shading Correction
Trigger Mode
Single ROI


SONY Polarized camera XCG-CP510


2D Gauging / 3D / Stress Detection / OCR / Code Reader / Reflection Enhance & Removal / Pick & Place

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