Deep Learning 3D Bin Picking

Demo of a Bin Picking and Paletizing Medical Devices

​Bin Picking cylindrical parts with random & unstable poses. White on White Background

Bin picking, also known as “part picking” or “piece picking,” is the automation of the process of identifying and grasping specific objects from a bin or container. This technology is commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Bin picking systems typically consist of a robotic arm equipped with a gripper or end effector, a camera or sensor system for object recognition and localization, and software for controlling the robot and processing sensor data. The process begins with the camera capturing an image or point cloud of the contents of the bin, which is then processed by the software to identify and locate the target object. The robot arm then moves to the object’s location and uses its gripper to grasp and remove the object from the bin.

There are several different approaches to bin picking, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. One common method is using 2D image processing techniques to identify the target object based on its shape, color, or texture. Another approach is using 3D sensors such as laser scanners or structured light cameras to create a point cloud of the bin’s contents, which can then be processed to identify and locate the target object. In our solution, the 3D camera is predicting 3D poses and control the UR5e to pick the parts waccurately.

Bin picking technology can be used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, food and beverage, and packaging. It can be used to pick a wide range of parts, such as electronic components, food items, or small consumer goods.

Overall, bin picking technology can significantly increase productivity and reduce labor costs by automating the process of identifying and grasping specific objects from a bin or container. As technology advances, the accuracy and speed of bin picking systems depends nowadays only on the budget. Our bin picking solution is attractive and can suit all budgets.



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