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Using Artificial Intelligence for Visual Quality Control

5 Years celebration

“3HLE” Automation & Robotics Celebrate 5 Years of Excellence

Visit us at EPHJ from 6-9 June 2023 directly inside the Universal Robot Booth G95

A.I. Machine Vision check Packaging sealing integrity

Detection des Défauts de Scellage sur les Emballages Plastiques Transparents de Viandes Sechées

Machine d'inpsection de qualité visuelle de pièces médicales.

Medical Devices 360° Visual Quality Inspection on Handles made of Plastic Injection

Deep Learning 3D Bin Picking

Demo of a Bin Picking and Paletizing Medical Devices

Mixed machine vision applications

How A.I. is improving Industrial Vision Applications

3HLE is Exhibiting at Stuttgart Vision 2022 Booth 8E60.6

How to detect tricky scratches from packaging patterns

How to set up a Complex Surface Flaw Detection within Minutes without being a Deep Learning Machine Vision Expert


Inspections on Coffee Capsules Filter Sealing and Filling

The application below demonstrates how “3HLE” helps production plants become Greener & more Ecologic in addition to saving money while producing Higher Quality Coffee Capsules Cups Using Deep Learning Visual Inspection for rejecting only real Delicate Subtle Defects. The defects occurs in 2 situations: 1. when the filters are overlappingRead More