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3HLE is Exhibiting at Stuttgart Vision 2022 Booth 8E60.6

How to detect tricky scratches from packaging patterns

How to set up a Complex Surface Flaw Detection within Minutes without being a Deep Learning Machine Vision Expert


Inspections on Coffee Capsules Filter Sealing and Filling

The application below demonstrates how “3HLE” helps production plants become Greener & more Ecologic in addition to saving money while producing Higher Quality Coffee Capsules Cups Using Deep Learning Visual Inspection for rejecting only real Delicate Subtle Defects. The defects occurs in 2 situations: 1. when the filters are overlappingRead More

Industrial camera systems

A Good Deep Learning American Coffee Cup, What Else?

Windows 10 IoT in Industrial Environement

3HLE is now Microsoft OEM System Builder Partner

– What happens if a Windows 10 PC encounters a sudden power failure? – How to reset Windows 10 to a known state machine after a power failure? – Is Windows robust on production machines? – What is Windows 10 IoT? “3HLE”‚Äč Automation et Robotique SA is now a “MicrosoftRead More

System Integrator Certified

Great Kuka Robot Evaluation for an Accurate Pick&Place Task

Evaluation of trajectory accuracy and max speed of the robot arm by drawing and placing component.

Artificial Intelligence Multi-Objects Classification and Localisation Performance Evaluation on RPi running Deep Learning and OpenCV with a Raspicam

Performance Evaluation of a Raspberry Pi running Deep Learning Mobilenet with a shrinked resolution of 640×480 raspicam for detecting 10 pre-trained categories/classes: bird, cow, cat, dog, sheep, horse, person, pottedplant, tvmonitor, chair. The results show multi-objects classification and localisation in a complex scene within 80ms on a Single Board ComputerRead More