Machine d'inpsection de qualité visuelle de pièces médicales.

Medical Devices 360° Visual Quality Inspection on Handles made of Plastic Injection

Palettisation et Visitage Automatisé 360° de pièces en injection plastique médicales avec plus de 99.5% de précision.

Human offently can’t agree to each other on some critical defects due to difference in backgrounds, moods, lighting conditions and fatigue. Therefore, this Deep-Learning-based machine was designed in order to help and collaborate directly with human operators for regularizing and normalizing visual quality control on injected plastic parts for medical device applications.

This Deep Learning based Inline Visual Quality Control (DL-IVQC) will help to automatically inspect and evaluate the quality of products as they fall randomly oriented through a conveyor belt. It is designed to provide real-time feedback and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the quality control process.

DL-IVQC systems use computer vision and deep learning techniques to analyze images and videos of products in real-time. This systems was trained on a datasets of images in collaboration with quality experts in order to fit their expectations accurately and constantly.

The benefits of this machine include:

1. Real-time feedback: DL-IVQC systems provide instant feedback on the quality of products, allowing manufacturers to quickly identify and correct defects before they reach the customer.

2. Increased efficiency: DL-IVQC systems automate the quality control process, reducing the need for manual inspection and increasing the speed and accuracy of the process.

3. Reduced costs: DL-IVQC systems can help manufacturers reduce costs by reducing the number of defective products and the need for manual inspection.

4. Scalability: DL-IVQC systems can be easily scaled to meet the needs of any manufacturing or production process, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.

Overall, this machine is a powerful A.I. technology that can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the quality control process, helping manufacturers produce high-quality products and meet end user expectations.

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