Project Category: Products

IPC with RTX3090 for Deep Learning Visual Inspection applications

IVC7 Dual GPU IPC with RTX3090 for Deep Learning Machine Vision Applications

IVC7-Single NVidia GPU IPC for Deep learning Visual Applicaioins

IVC7-Single GPU IPC for AI Visual Quality Inspections

Retina A.I. Vision Software

Deep learning Visual Inspection Applications

Automated AI Quality Inspection Station alongside with an Universal Robot UR3E

Deep Learning glass, metalic, screw Surface defect inspection and OCR reading

Simple A.I. Image Analysis Software for Inspecting Quality in factories

IVC-Dual GPus wide

Unique Design IPC with Dual RTX GPUs for Deep Learning Visual Inspection

IVC-7 Industrial Vision Controller with NVidia GPU for Deep Learning Defects Detection

IVC-7-Compat Vision Controller i7 for edge deep learning application

Compact Industrial Vision Controller Fanless IPC for Deep Learning

Industrial PC for double deck GPU

Deep Learning IPC with Single GPU and Frame Grabber

Multi GPUs Back Panel

Deep Learning IPC-X6134 Server with Multi-GPUs