Deep Learning OCR reads successfully on softdrink can

Great OCR Reading on Curvy and Shiny Softdrink Aluminum Can

How Deep Learning OCR Successfully Reads 99.99% on Shiny, Curvy surfaces with Uneven Lightning at a rythm of more than 100’000 parts/hour.

We can be surprised to see how quickly softdrinks are produced. Moreover, their quality control are permanently checked. From the contents to the expiration date and production-id printed on the bottom of each aluminim can, each of these features is checked carefully using cameras. The reasons are sometimes printers can get stucked or misconfigured between production shifts, then it can print unreadable markings. The end consumer will only trust what is printed on the bottom of the aluminum can. Therefore, if a product is mis-printed, it must be thrown away. With a production throughput of several hundreds of thousand per hour, factory can quickly lose money if something went wrong without being noticed.

Therefore, OCR/markings/printings read rate is as well crucial. Usually, it is quite hard for convenional OCR tools to have high read rate. In some high speed applicaiton, the camera is reduced to simply count the number of characters instead of reading what is printed on it.

We, at 3HLE, have developped a high accuracy (99.99%) and high speed (>100k parts/hour) human-like deep-learning based OCR tool in order to read at very high speed. The video below is showing our Retina-Olive deep learning OCR tool reading at a rythm of 50 images/second in the entire image. We can achieve much higher read rate by reducing the field of view/interest.

Feel free to submit your challenging project trying out with Retina Deep Learning Software, we will be glad helping you chosing the most appropriate turnkey quality inspection or camera setup or software solution. Don’t hesitate to challenge Retina Olive OCR deep learning algorithm with your application! We are ourselve surprised by its performance on very low resolution images and high noise backgrounds!!! Contact us or our partner CHROMOS Group AGwe will be glad to make a demo on your samples, to propose you an existing setup as a turnkey solution or to simply help you chosing the most appropriate camera setup and software solution.

“3HLE” is mainly offering Turn-Key solutions including Hardware, Integration of Software and Automation Processes dedicated to high speed automated Computer Vision Quality Control applications. For more Showcases, check out our Success Stories pages or check out our Products pages to learn more about our hardware and software solutions. We are working to build up more and more contents in those sections, please subscribe to our “3HLE” LinkedIn, FaceBook or Youtube chanels to get notified as soon as new contents will be available.

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