Project Category: Machine Vision Cameras

Light, adaptable design for remote operations with drones

Sony ILX-LR1 Full Frame Alpha Camera Constructed for Easy Mounting on Drones

SONY FCB 9500 Series

30x Zoom Color Camera Block SONY FCB9500 for Drone and Professional Usage


Sony Camera Block with 30x Optical Zoom and Stabilisation for Drones Applications FCB-EV9520L

Automated AI Quality Inspection Station alongside with a Collaborative Robot UR3E


Almost Total Darkness Sony UMC-S3CA for Laboratory & Measurement

DSC RX0M2 Screen Up

DSC-RX0M2 Compact High Resolution 1″ Sensor Camera with Zeiss Optics for Drone

XCG-CG Series Camera

Sony XCG-CG40 300FPS GigE Industrial Computer Vision Camera

XCG-CG Series Camera


XCG-CG Series Camera


XCG-CG Series Camera